Master your business processes.

For Google Apps for Work users


Flownie standardizes ways of working by bringing in processes into daily activities of your company.

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process 2

STEP 1 Plan how you want to divide your work to smaller tasks and what should be the order.

Optimalize time your work is executed:

- Order of tasks depends on decisions made in previous actions,
- Paralel paths for independent tasks made by different people
- Automatic integration with Google Calendar and Gmail.

process 3

STEP 2 Create a form with information needed to get every task done.

process 2

STEP 3 Invite your coworkers and assign them tasks from the process.

process 3

DONE! Start your process from Flownie Dashboard and watch progress of your work.
Ease of use

Flownie requires no user training. It can be quickly implemented.


Enables rapid mapping of business processes and organizational.

Processes standardisation

Introduces management of key business processes in the company.


Very easy to use even for non-technical users

Graphic editor

Enables accurate representation of the process and determine the steps of the process.


Suitable for complex and distributed organizational structure.

Integration with Google Apps for Work

Integration with already used business applications in Google Apps


Suitable for use on mobile devices.


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